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As many studies are starting to show, the learning environment has a direct impact on how well of students and staff perform. In fact, a recent survey found that 43 percent of schools in the U.S. see the condition of their buildings as "interfering with the ability of the school to deliver instruction." that With student achievement playing such a big role in funding for K-12 school districts and curb appeal and appearance so important to recruitment and retention for colleges and universities, there has been an increased focused on providing enhanced learning environments for students and staff. A trusted outsourcing provider of custodial, grounds, and maintenance services will enhance the existing facility services function, while providing current employees with better training and tools, as well as a more career opportunities. Not only does outsourcing facility services reduce costs, but it also affords significant savings that can be reallocated to key areas of need, restriction free. Partners of a trusted outsourcing firm enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their facilities, students, and staff and able to concentrate on learning in a safe and enhanced environment.



As a member of Compass Group North America, we can leverage the resources that this $12 billion food and
support services organization has to offer. Compass Group has existing relationships with close to 1,000 educational institutions through its Chartwells, Bon Appetit, Flik, and Canteen organizations. SSC brings our leading support services expertise to this world-class network of companies.

Compass Group brings an unshakable financial stability to support our growth, allowing us to invest in innovations for our customers. This support also brings peace of mind to our customer relationships by allowing us to take more risk and guarantee outcomes. Compass Group is also uniquely able to offer up-front capital investments for the improvement of our customers' facility infrastructure. These investments can have immediate as well as long-term financial payoff for your campus.

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