Facility Services for Education
1845 Midpark Road, Suite 201, Knoxville, TN 37921


All vendors will say they provide superior quality or that they can save you money, but in many cases, these are unverified claims. SSC always strives to provide superior quality services in order to save your institution the money it needs to reinvest into your programs, faculty and students. Most importantly, however, we strive to PARTNER with you. There is no way for a vendor to provide exceptional service without the understanding that consistent review and communication is vital to a successful program. Since we know that TRUST breeds SUCCESS, we build and operate our program with this in mind: Provide exceptional support services for every customer, every day and truly enhance their learning environment.
  • We LISTEN to and PARTNER with our customers to develop a custom program that exceeds expectations
  • We create a CUSTOMIZED PLAN based on our customers’ specific needs and objectives
  • We successfully TRANSITION employees and become fully integrated into our customer’s community
  • We TRAIN and DEVELOP this dedicated team to excel. This allows us to provide the best service, meet our customers’ needs and objectives, and provide employees with an opportunity to grow in their careers
  • We WORK smart, and we work hard every day
  • We INSPECT our work, COMMUNICATE with our customers, and ADJUST where needed in order to best provide for the facilities, students, faculty, staff and visitors
  • We build TRUST by providing consistent and quality service, continuing to listen to and respond to our customers’ needs, and partnering with our customers to become fully integrated and invested in their SUCCESS
% client-retention rate
+ clients
% increase in revenue since 2008
LEED-certified associates on board
CIMS-certified with honors
Quality assurance programs that are reported on a regular basis
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