Facility Services for Education
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As educational institutions continue to navigate the murky waters of our current economic environment, more schools are being hard pressed to maintain and enhance the student experience with a reduced budget. Due to significant government budget cuts, schools are being forced to cut programs that benefit their end users, students, while trying to operate efficiently on shoestring budgets. In an effort to reduce costs, more and more school administrators are turning to outsourcing facility support services to combat this on-going budgetary battle. Despite the many benefits that outsourcing can provide, many schools are reluctant to turn to the practice because of preconceived notions of what outsourcing entails.

Outsourcing Presentation from Kati Polaski on Vimeo.

SSC has put together a video to provide an overview of what outsourcing facility support services means while identifying and debunking the current myths regarding the practice. Also, you will learn how many educational institutions like yours have gone through this process and seen significant cost savings, increased quality without sacrificing services, all while protecting existing employees at their current pay and benefits.