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Seamless Employee Transition

With an unstable regulatory environment and a pressure to enhance the learning environment for students and staff, school officials are being forced to think creatively about ways to improve the student experience. Yet often times, the first line items of a budget to get cut are directly tied to school facilities and support service workers. School administrators are facing major challenges when it comes to their support services workers:

Administrators are looking to specialized integrated facility services companies to alleviate increasing employee costs and provide greater career opportunities for their service workers.

The decision to implement an integrated facilities plan is one that will not only be felt by faculty, administrators, and students, but also by your existing support service staff. Your most important assets are the people that work hard daily to ensure that your institution and the members it comprises are safe and given the best opportunity to thrive in an ideal learning environment. Yet, there is often a fear that bringing in an outside company means the existing staff will be laid off and replaced with a new team, creating a public relations nightmare and an outcry from the communities you serve. This fear is based on the myths and negative connotations that tend to surround the term "outsourcing". While this fear is understandable, it's also unfounded, and can keep you from not only furthering your educational initiatives, but giving your students and staff the best opportunity for success. 


SSC makes a smooth transition of your existing employees central to the way we do business. Our managers value the facility knowledge, tenure, and relationships of your current employees, and preserving continuity through change depends on the support and cooperation of these critical contributors. We have every desire to keep the same productive employees you've come to know over the years, as we believe they can best help our managers meet the goals set out by the school administration.
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