Facility Services for Education
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Perhaps unlike any other educational institution, Private and Independent schools must deal with the realization that image is critical to their success. Whether it be new buildings or well manicured grounds, Private and Independent schools must keep up a prestigious appearance that lines up with their tradition and history, but also matches the lofty expectations of students, parents, faculty, and alumni. In order to maintain stable enrollment and deep applicant pools, these institutions must continue to create a visually appealing campus that matches their educational expertise and deep tradition. Yet with aging infrastructures, stiff competition, and an increased reliance on tuition, Private and Independent schools are finding it difficult to keep up the image that is reflective of its success.

Though Private and Independent schools are facing significant demand for private education, there has been a significant lack of growth of endowment resources and philanthropy. Because of this, Independent Schools have seen an increased reliance on student tuition on facilities that are already maxed out. Additionally, operating expenses have grown 3.6% since 2012 while revenues have only grown 2.6%, creating a precarious situation for Private Independent Schools and their future.

A well thought out Integrated Facilities Maintenance program can not only ensure your custodial, maintenance, and grounds needs are met, but it will enhance the look and feel of your facility, creating an ideal learning environment for your students and staff. Outsourcing providers have the expertise and best practices to develop a customized program that can save your school significant dollars on its facility spend. These savings can be reinvested to further your core areas of need and enhance your campus.


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