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The Texas A&M Story

In June of 2012 the Texas A&M System awarded SSC and Chartwells a landmark contract to outsource all of their dining, custodial, grounds, and maintenance operations. This agreement will produce $260 million in revenue and cost-savings for the A&M System while protecting the jobs of all current support services employees.

In February of 2013, SSC was awarded the remainder of the Texas A&M system. Along with College Station, SSC is now responsible for overseeing support services at all 11 universities within the system:

This partnership has allowed the university to implement new initiatives to hire and retain faculty and create programs that are designed to enhance opportunities for students studying for master's and doctoral degrees. To further explain this historic partnership and show just how much outsourcing support services with SSC has benefited Texas A&M, please view the following information:

Learn how Texas A&M has Partnered with SSC and Chartwells

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