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Using Technology to Enhance Our Services

We support our partner schools with the most up-to-date, innovative equipment and practices that answer to changing conditions. We invest in technology that expands our abilities to work efficiently and maximize our associates’ time and capabilities, producing the best results in the industry.

Autonomous Equipment

We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency throughout our operations. One of our most recent innovations is the launch of a fleet of autonomous floor scrubbers, mowers, and robotic field painters at many of our partner schools. Autonomous equipment safely operates utilizing sensors, artificial intelligence, and other technology. Each robot in our fleet makes our processes more efficient, allowing our associates the time and capacity to focus on tasks that require more skilled care.

These robots become a part of your district of campus’ family, and we engage students in their use by running contests to give them a name.

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Drone Footage

SSC utilizes drones to provide significant cost savings by negating the need for expensive equipment rentals to access hard-to-reach spots. Whether a school needs extensive rooftop surveys to assess storm damage or wants an image that showcases the new paint job on the football field, our drone team is here to help.

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Sustainability Partnerships

Sustainability and green practices are part of our DNA. SSC partners with local and international organizations to provide innovative sustainability practices to our partner schools, local communities, and worldwide to ensure a healthy planet. We deploy electric mowers and handheld equipment that reduce noise pollution and require minimal maintenance and recyclable batteries. At SSC, our teams are passionate about providing students opportunities beyond the classroom. In partnership with Living Water International, SSC provides scholarships to travel to Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to dig wells to provide clean drinking water to communities in need.

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