SSC Diversity & Inclusion Action Council | Diversity Initiatives & Panel Discussion

October 07, 2021

SSC Services for Education is excited to continue putting diversity & inclusion at the forefront of our organization’s operations. Our Diversity & Inclusion Action Council (DIAC) organized a panel discussion to communicate with team members across the country about the DIAC as a whole and specific diversity initiatives that SSC has developed.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Action Council consists of six SSC team members. Council Member Christopher Williams said it best, “Each person on the panel desires to see us, as an organization, live out what it means to be a diverse and inclusive company.” As we take active steps to diversify our organization further, Vallen Emery, Division Vice President for K-12, provided some helpful reminders:

  1. Diversity & inclusion is not extra. It is a focus that any company needs in its philosophy to be successful. It is not something we do; it is who we are.
  2. Because each field team member is dealing with a diverse clientele, diverse employees, and diverse students, it is essential that SSC have a broad base of ideas and thoughts. We want our policies and procedures to authentically represent the people, clients, and customers that we serve every day.
  3. It is crucial to have a diverse leadership team. We want to show a good example to associates rising in their careers and reflecting on their future aspirations.

At SSC, we are taking intentional steps to diversify and ensure continued progress within our company. We represent a diverse population of clients and employees, and we are deploying a wide array of initiatives to serve both key groups best. Initiative highlights include:

  • People of Color Sponsorship Program: SSC will identify top-performing POC leaders in middle management roles. These individuals will be paired with a senior leader to sponsor and develop. According to Vallen Emery, the goal of this program is to provide opportunities for exposure to individuals who may not have had the chance prior.
  • D&I Training: SSC will broadly roll out micro-learning courses to enhance understanding of diversity & inclusion-related topics.
  • Women in Facilities: SSC will work to increase female presence in trades by providing opportunities for licensing in trade fields through our apprenticeship program. According to Shannon Thornton, SSC has already had the opportunity to add five females to this program. These women will become licensed HVAC, plumbers, and electricians.
  • Diverse Slating: SSC will ensure that we have diverse slates for 80% of professional and management-related roles during the recruiting process. SSC will always hire the most qualified candidate, but we also strive to have an incredibly diverse pool of applicants to choose from.

Diversity & inclusion has been a frequently discussed topic at SSC for years. As opportunities for communication across the organization increase, we are eager to see team members across the country take advantage of the different programs, training, and available mentorship opportunities.

Questions and ideas about SSC diversity initiatives are always welcome. Please contact [email protected] and [email protected] with your feedback. Be sure to check our resource center and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for more information on our diversity iniatives.