Employee Care

Employee Transition

The decision to implement an integrated facilities plan is one that will not only be felt by faculty, administrators, and students, but also by existing support service staff. Our most important assets are the people that work hard daily to ensure that our client institutions are safe and students are given the best opportunity to thrive. Yet, there is often a fear that bringing in an outside company means the existing staff will be laid off and replaced with a new team, creating a public relations nightmare and an outcry from the communities you serve. This fear is based on the myths and negative connotations that tend to surround the term “outsourcing.” While this fear is understandable, it’s also unfounded, and can keep you from not only furthering your educational initiatives, but giving your students and staff the best opportunity for success.

SSC makes a smooth transition of existing employees central to the way we do business. Our managers value the facility knowledge, tenure, and relationships of current employees, and preserving continuity through change depends on the support and cooperation of these critical contributors. We have every desire to keep the same productive employees our clients have come to know over the years, as we believe they can best help managers and administrators meet the goals set.

Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining talented associates is a key part of our success, so offering a comprehensive benefits package is a no-brainer. We take care of our team members so they can take care of our clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a member of Compass Group, SSC shares a core belief that diversity and inclusion are vital to our success both personally and professionally. Diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences give us a holistic worldview that helps round out our teams and deliver the best services for our client partners, In the spirit of that worldview, nearly 20 percent of SSC’s total spend is dedicated to supplier diversity efforts. SSC’s philosophy is to invest time and money in our local client communities in order to help mentor and educate small, minority or women owned businesses so that they can prosper.


To foster a sense of community with our partners, SSC frequently provides scholarship funding to students or team members. These funds are typically used at our partners’ discretion and can range from $500 to $1000 per student. Below are some examples of our accounts that participate in these annual scholarships along with the total amount dedicated per year.

Higher Education

Tarleton State University – $5,000 annually
Texas A&M – $15,000 annually
Prairie View A&M – $5,000 annually

K12 School Districts

Henry County Public Schools – $10,000 annually
Bentonville Public Schools – $10,000 annually
Richland School District Two – $25,000 annually
Flagstaff Unified School District – $5,000 annually


In addition to scholarships, we also provide student Internships on several campuses to those interested in the many career paths available within our industry. Students must typically be nominated by a coach, teacher, or administrator, and should be currently enrolled in a vocational program. Some partners that we have provided internships for include Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M and Muncie Independent School District.


Sustainability and green practices are no longer simply the trend – they are absolutely necessary. We want to do our part to ensure a healthy planet for our many generations of students to come. Compass Group, our parent company, focuses heavily on sustainability as part of its overall vision, and we enthusiastically support that vision.

SSC’s president, Seth Ferriell, led the way for SSC by becoming LEED Green certified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). His certification validated his competency in green practices and signifies that he is a qualified, educated and influential green building professional within the cleaning industry. We also provide services to a number of LEED-certified buildings.

Giving Back

Engaging Students in Water Conservation Efforts

Weathermatic TeamAt SSC, we are taking steps to give back to the communities we serve and help foster a healthy and responsible environment for the next generation.

In 2016, Weathermatic and SSC began teaming up to provide annual scholarships to students from Texas A&M University and Tarleton State University to travel to Central America to participate in drilling clean water wells as part of Weathermatic’s Save Water | Give Life program. Since 2013, Save Water | Give Life has provided clean water wells for thousands of the world’s thirsty by donating one gallon of safe drinking water for every gallon of landscape irrigation water saved on U.S. customers’ commercial properties. Texas A&M University and Tarleton University have both initiated campus-wide landscape water conservation programs that are expected to save an estimated 100,000,000 gallons of water every year.

Scholarships for the students were provided by SSC – and applications nearly doubled after the first year! The trip provides the students an opportunity to develop links between their academic areas of study and real-world experience, serving in the poorest areas in Central America.

For the last two years, the trip experience has included:
  • Interacting with village members while serving on a hygiene education team and a well-drilling team, which successfully found clean water
  • Experience in community building, collaborative projects, and social engagement
  • Insights into nonprofit operations in a global environment
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