Energy Conservation In Schools: Saving Resources & Money With Facility Upgrades

August 17, 2021

A partnership with SSC Services for Education goes beyond what teachers, students, and visitors can physically see on campus every day. We also work with our partners to provide custom strategies for energy conservation, creating a lasting, impactful change that benefits our schools, students, and communities.

A crucial factor to energy conservation in schools is being future-focused and proactive. Investments and changes made today can provide your school with incredible financial savings, a cleaner environment for students to learn in, and a better environmental footprint.

SSC Services for Education has partnered with Jasper County School District for 5 years.

In 2019, SSC Services for Education & Jasper County School District unveiled an $8.6 million investment to make significant energy upgrades to the district’s facilities. As a direct result of their trust in SSC and willingness to invest in the future, JCSD is now seeing incredible results that benefit students, the district, and the environment.

Facility Upgrades

As a part of the Guaranteed Energy Savings project, SSC and our energy innovation partner collaborated with Jasper County School District to perform a detailed analysis on energy use and identify the areas of greatest need and impact. After examination of the findings, the following upgrades were made:

  1. Solar power installations at JCAP and the Board office
  2. Install LED lighting
  3. New HVAC controls system
  4. New RTUs for offices and common areas at Hardeeville and Ridgeland
  5. New low flow plumbing fixtures at Hardeeville and Ridgeland
  6. Creation of an Energy Tracking Dashboard

Energy Savings

Great results are already present just ten months after project completion. The new Energy Tracking Dashboard allows us to track and monitor how much energy is saved each month.

From August 1, 2020 to May 1, 2020:

  • 2,782,319 kWh saved
  • 3,108kW saved
  • 1,969 kgal of water saved
  • Jasper County School District was guaranteed 24% savings annually. After only ten months, they are already at 32% savings.

Solar Power Savings

  • 179,136lbs of CO2 emissions saved
  • This is equivalent to planting 1,353 trees.

Our partnership with Jasper County School District is just getting started. SSC has partnered with Jasper County to complete a comprehensive renovation to the Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School Athletic Stadium this summer. As a part of this renovation, we have created a student internship program to enhance the Drone Certification Pathway program and provide students in Jasper County with hands-on experience as they work side-by-side with our team.

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