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We are 100% Focused on Educational Institutions

Each of our educational partnerships is unique, and a one-size-fits-all program does not cut it. That’s why we work with each of our partners individually to create and maintain a customized and cost-effective approach that meets those unique goals and budgets.


We understand that your facilities team members are an essential part of your school community. SSC focuses on hiring and retaining the best people in the business so that you always have reliable, friendly, and familiar faces in your schools.


SSC can match your current budget with noticeable improvements to your facilities. Our ongoing support also helps mitigate future expenses, resulting in cost savings that can be reinvested into your school community.


Our program instills confidence that we will exceed your expectations. Your facilities are in the hands of our seasoned experts and dedicated staff, bringing you a dependable process designed around measurable objectives that are valuable to you.

K-12 School Districts

Our comprehensive facilities program produces high-quality results while saving your district and school money.

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Colleges & Universities

Outsourcing your facilities management to our dedicated experts ensures high quality service and cost savings.

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From our partners...

SSC is a company that shares the same vision as our district for cleaning services and believes in collaboration and problem-solving. Their flexibility and teamwork have added an essential element to our facilities and maintenance department.  They are a vital strength in keeping our facilities maintained and have surpassed all goals that were established by the district. We do not look at SSC as an outsourced company but look at them as a part of our staff and district.

Paul WallaceFacility Director- Bentonville Public Schools

I hear daily from prospective students and families, alumni and friends, donors, faculty, staff, and students how beautiful our campus looks.  The look and design of the campus and the appearance and condition of our buildings and grounds matter as we recruit students, and host campus activities and for academic purposes.

Dr. Robert L JacksonMurray State University

Industry Experts

I understand the importance of clean and safe learning environments for K-12 students... - Tim HagenburgerNational Vice President of Education Sales Team Read more

For over 30 years, I have been helping districts enhance their facilities program to meet the needs of their principals, teachers, and students. As a father myself who had SSC clean his kid’s schools, I understand the importance of clean and safe learning environments for K-12 students. At SSC, we focus on optimizing your learning spaces with consideration towards your district’s growth, future needs and budget. The best advice I can give to educators is to allow SSC to focus on your facilities, so that you can focus on providing a top-notch education to your students.

Tim Hagenburger - National Vice President of Education Sales Team

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