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Dedicated Experts in Support Services for Education

At SSC Services for Education, we understand that clean, safe, and customized learning environments are essential for student success. We have spent over 50 years fine-tuning our processes for facilities services and focusing 100% of our efforts on education to ensure that students have facilities they are proud to call home from kindergarten to college graduation and beyond.

Headquarters in Knoxville, TN

10,000+ Employees

54 years of Experience, Est. 1969

At SSC, we believe in providing opportunities for growth to our students, communities and team members.

  • We hire and retain the best people by offering unlimited opportunities for career advancement, training and development.
  • Our team members enhance student learning environments, helping them focus on what really matters: their education.
  • We partner with local businesses to help grow your community and strengthen our partnership.

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Industry Experts

Our goal at SSC is to inspire our communities to grow through education. - Seth FerriellCEO of SSC Read more

As the CEO of SSC, it is my responsibility and privilege to empower our employees to deliver high-quality, responsive service to our partner schools. As a father myself, I know that clean, safe schools are essential for student success. I am proud to lead a company with a team of experts who provide exceptional customer service, niche expertise, and unmatched dedication to our school communities. Through partnerships with schools across the country, our goal at SSC is to inspire our communities to grow through education.

Seth Ferriell - CEO of SSC