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Construction & Project Management

Dedicated Construction Management Experts

SSC’s construction and project management team specializes in engineering, design, and intelligent energy management. Our educational partners can utilize our expertise to handle anything from a classroom remodel to the design and construction of a new dining hall. Our team provides the best solutions because we have access to a full range of subject matter experts. We focus on functionality, efficiency, and performance so that you receive the highest quality available.

Our Program Components


Design and project management in one partnership

Comprehensive Expertise

Our team of experts not only know facilities design and build, but also know hospitality and food

LEED Certification

Built in LEED team so no need to hire additional firms to get certified


Cutting-edge approach to re-inventing educational spaces

Capital Planning

Deliver projects within budget, on time, and with significant value

Construction & Project Management

Our onsite teams coordinate all day-to-day construction activities, with special attention to the location and scheduling of work, to minimize sound, debris, and disruptions to students, faculty, or staff in the areas. We provide updates on the progress of the project and hold scheduled construction progress meetings to keep our clients informed and up to date in real-time.

Engineering, Design and Construction (EDCS)

We are committed to delivering solutions that provide the highest level of quality and attention to detail in the construction industry. Our dedicated team manages new construction, additions, and renovation projects from inception to completion. Our teams manage:

  • Capital, deferred maintenance and fire and life safety construction programs
  • Architect/engineer contracts and project design teams
  • Coordination of building design with the architect, customer, departments, and stakeholders
  • Solicitation, bidding, awarding and administration of construction contracts
  • Troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues as well as structural building issues

Intelligent Energy Management

Through strategic energy planning, our team will reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We also provide:

  • Facility and infrastructure assessments
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Building automation evaluation and optimization.
  • Performance measurement and management

Custom Graphics Studio

Our team of experts provides our partners with customized graphics to enhance and transform their spaces. From directional signage to wall coverings, our full-service graphics studio offers:

  • Graphic Design Support
  • Large Format Printing
  • Wall & Window Graphics
  • Magnetic Receptive Graphics
  • Dimensional Logos & Letters
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Wayfinding, Yard & Site Signs

Industry Experts

I have always been passionate about bringing a client’s vision to life. - Bob Casagrande Division Vice President Engineering & Construction Read more

I have always been passionate about bringing a client’s vision to life. At SSC, our answer is always “Yes”- no matter how big or small your design project, we will find a way to make it a reality. I have extensive experience constructing, renovating, operating, and maintaining facilities utilizing efficient methodologies. My team is highly skilled in various projects, including classrooms, ballparks, and playgrounds. There isn’t anything our team can’t tackle when it comes to engineering and construction.

Bob Casagrande - Division Vice President Engineering & Construction

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