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Custodial Services

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Luckily for our client partners, it’s a job we take seriously. First impressions last, so it’s no surprise that the appearance and cleanliness of your facilities plays a huge role in the overall image of your institution in the eyes of students, parents and faculty.

We also understand that life in the world of education is vibrant and demanding, with many special requirements. Our custodial program addresses all of those planned – and unplanned – events that often can compose up to 40 percent of the responsibilities of your custodial staff. SSC takes the time to understand your specific needs to custom-design a program that keeps your institution safe and looking its very best.

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Grounds Management

SSC provides an all-encompassing grounds management program with a strong emphasis on curb appeal. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with decades of experience and the highest level of grounds management certifications. While most firms may strive to maintain or retain your grounds, we aim to manage them, continuously looking for improvements and upgrades. Sustainability is a top priority as we know we aren’t just providing care for your grounds – we’re providing care for the environment and the surrounding communities. Our experts bring the best of the industry to all aspects of grounds management, including comprehensive athletic field management, rainwater harvesting, organic plans, integrated pest management and much more. SSC can help you create opportunities for impactful first impressions and lasting memories for all those who visit your institution.

Plant Operations & Maintenance

In order for a learning environment to reach its potential, every aspect of a facility – both inside and out – needs to be meticulously cared for. From clean classrooms and perfectly manicured grounds, to fully functional HVAC units – all areas of a facility work in conjunction to create an ideal learning environment. SSC’s POM program has the technology and resources to systematically plan, respond to, and track your facilities’ needs.

To ensure that your facilities are consistently running efficiently, it is vital to properly plan and identify maintenance and equipment issues before they occur. Our Deferred Maintenance program allows us to do just that. SSC stays one step ahead with facility capital planning software to assess maintenance work and project planning. Roofs, window frames, sidewalks, mechanical systems, etc. all have a life cycle. Our first priority is to assess your existing facilities to provide a database from which we can proactively plan and track maintenance needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced POM team finds the best total solution for each institution’s needs while reducing costs and liability.