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Success Stories

Creating Opportunities for Career Advancement

Our people are the backbone of our culture and our day-to-day business. We are proud to have an extensive network of team members who have experienced growth in their careers due to ample training and development opportunities.

Don’t take our word for it, check out some SSC employee success stories below.

David Anderson Image

David Anderson

From Custodian to Family Member

Regional Director of Operations, Texas

David Anderson served the Houston Police Department for 17 years prior to retiring. When he retired, he went to work at his family’s business and met a frequent customer, who happened to be an SSC associate. “He talked about the SSC support structure — one where growth and development were integral to the company’s beliefs,” says David. He was intrigued and asked if there were any openings. There was one: An hourly custodial position at the local high school.

In just a short time with SSC, he went from floor tech to regional director of operations for South Texas. He is responsible for 11 accounts and 500 direct reports and has not wavered in his goal of continuous growth within SSC. When talking about SSC, David says, “This group feels like family to me, whether in the field, at a training course, or attending a Compass Community Council (CCC) forum.” David serves as a great example of the incredible growth opportunities available for those who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference.

Michelle Garcia Image

Michelle Garcia

Putting Her Knowledge to Good Use

Regional Director of Operations, Texas

Michelle Garcia came to SSC in 2002 to join our manager-in-training (MIT) program, which provides recent college grads with the opportunity for leadership development, hands-on learning, and a robust mentoring program. “The MIT program is great— the knowledge and training our people receive prepares them to have their own account,” says Michelle. Because of her success as a manager, Michelle was given opportunities to manage several of SSC’s accounts over the years. Michelle has been with SSC for over 15 years, and she credits her success to what she has learned on the job.

“At SSC, you learn so much more than just how to be a custodian,” says Michelle. “You learn how to build relationships, you learn how to be involved with your accounts, you learn how to take care of your clients, and you learn how to be an example for the people you work with each day. We’re not a custodial company — we’re a people company.”

One of the things Michelle is particularly proud of is the relationship she and her teams have with the students at their schools. “It’s important to us to set a good example for those kids and to show them the value of hard work and being responsible,” Michelle says. “By the work we do, we can show them how important it is to take pride in what you do.”

Michelle is grateful for the opportunities she’s had with SSC, saying, “I’m where I am today because of the decisions I’ve made — the decision to join SSC all those years ago was a great one!”

Allin Stevenson Image

Allin Stevenson

A Lifelong, Loyal SSC Employee

Unit Director, Jackson State University

Allin has worked for SSC for 30 years, and she says she’d never work anywhere else. “On my first day, the rest of the SSC crew got there at 6:00 a.m. I got there at 5:00 a.m.! I wanted to be part of the team!”

Allin says SSC took the time to invest in her as an employee and as a person. “The company gave me a chance 30 years ago, and I won’t ever forget it,” says Allin. “If you show dedication to your job, SSC shows dedication to you.”

Allin says she likes what she does because she gets to help other people, just like SSC helped her. “There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face when you tell them they got a job or got a raise. SSC is a great company, and I am happy I have done my part to help make them great.

Bernetha Middleton Image

Bernetha Middleton

Ready to Retire? Not So Fast!

Unit Director, Charleston City Schools

Bernetha came to SSC in 1983, and she’s been here ever since. She plans to retire soon, but even after she retires from her position as unit director, she says she will apply to be a part-time custodian. “That’s how much I love working for SSC!” says Bernetha.

Bernetha started as a general cleaner and was promoted to supervisor and then to her current role as unit director. She is responsible for five schools and likes to be hands-on with her employees, saying, “I wouldn’t ask them to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. SSC has always been supportive of me, and I want to do the same for my employees.”

Another reason Bernetha likes working for SSC is because she always knows her expectations, and SSC makes sure she has what she needs to do a good job. “SSC makes sure we have good quality items — we could use cheaper equipment or cheaper cleaning supplies, but in the long run, that costs more because the school would have to replace equipment sooner, or our cleaning products wouldn’t be as effective,” says Bernetha.

The same model applies to employees. “SSC pays us a good wage because they know people will be loyal to a company that treats them right. You indeed get what you pay for, and I do not think I would have had the same chance to grow in my career if I worked somewhere else. I am happy to have spent my career with SSC!”

Betty Smith Image

Betty Smith

Building Relationships and Doing Her Best Work

Unit Director, Charleston City Schools

“I’ve always tried to build good relationships with the people I work with each day. As a manager, the employees on my team need to know I have their backs and that I will support them if they need help,” says Betty.

Betty also prides herself on making sure she has an excellent relationship with the principals who work at the schools within her district. They have a big job to do, so if they ask her for help, she wants to help them right away.

“Working for SSC has allowed me to do my job very well,” says Betty. “There hasn’t ever been a time when I’ve had to tell someone ‘No,’ because SSC has always made sure I had what I needed to get the job done. We keep everything we need on hand to make sure we can always take care of any problem that might come up.”

Betty has worked for SSC for over 30 years and has always felt satisfied that she has been able to do a good job.” When I have new employees who start here, I always tell them how important it is that they do their best every day. And, since they are working for SSC — they will have a chance to do just that!