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Customer Service

Striving for Service Excellence

Providing excellent service to the people and communities we serve is at the heart of our culture. We understand that what we do every day amplifies and improves the lives of our partners and students, so our team members always look for ways to go above and beyond.

Customer Service Certification

When it comes to customer service training, we have developed an enhanced approach, partnering with a world-renowned expert to help craft our strategy to train and certify our teams.

Our hourly associates and managers complete an annual Customer Service Certification Training to ensure that each SSC team member is prepared to offer the best service possible to each of our education partners.

The pillars of this training are our Seven Service Principles for Excellence.

  • Extra efforts make all the difference
  • Default to “Yes”.
  • Unexpressed questions and desires require attention too.
  • Cliff of dissatisfaction.
  • Angry and upset customers can become our most loyal friends.
  • Two moments with a customer require extra attention.
  • Every customer is at the center of their own world. Make sure they feel they’re at the center of yours.

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