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Supporting Community

Giving back to the communities we support

At SSC, we are taking steps to give back to the communities we serve through education, scholarships, and local outreach. We provide internship and apprenticeship opportunities to students who are eager to learn and grow and scholarships to encourage continuing education. Our teams across the country also participate in service projects to give back to the communities and organizations that matter most to us. We take pride in being a socially responsible company that gives back to it’s community.

Joining Hands for Cleaner Schools: Our Approach to Local Partnerships

We want to do more than partner with your school at SSC- we want to help grow your community. We believe in supporting local businesses and providing opportunities for the companies you know and love to be involved in creating the best learning environments for your students. If there is a local organization that has made a great impact within your community, we are able to create a strategic partnership with them to provide them with the visibility and an opportunity to showcase their business.

Providing Opportunity for Our Students

As a company wholly focused on education, we have an evident passion for supporting student achievement. We understand that students have options when it comes to continuing education, which is why we offer both internship and apprenticeship programs to foster growth and development on whatever path they choose to take. Our apprenticeship program provides on-the-job training for vocational positions, while our internship program gives students hands-on learning opportunities throughout the summer or academic year.

Apprenticeship Program

To increase the skilled vocational technician workforce to fill our industry job openings, we have an apprentice program through the Department of Labor. Apprentices get guaranteed pay raises each year for completing academic and on-the-job training. Once they meet the appropriate licensure, they have the opportunity for more advancement within our company.

Internship Opportunities

For students looking for meaningful summer or academic year experiences, we have developed several internship opportunities for our school partners. We collaborate with the districts to create custom learning experiences that inspire students with rich and robust experiences to prepare them for successful futures.

Giving Back

SSC Service Projects

The drive to support local organizations and provide acts of service to our communities is an integral part of our company culture. At our partner schools, our SSC teams find unique ways to support the organizations that matter most to them. Our people take part in collection events for school supplies and food, walks in recognition and honor of those with breast cancer, community beautification projects, and more throughout the year. These efforts support the idea that our students, schools, and communities are intertwined, and we are truly better when we work together.

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