2022 Clear The List: Supporting Teachers in Knoxville and at our Partner Schools

September 08, 2022

Supporting students, faculty, and staff at our partner schools is always our top priority. We recognize that our teachers play an essential role in inspiring curiosity and fostering a desire to learn in our students. In order to support them as they educate our future engineers, dancers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, artists, and leaders, SSC Services for Education is committed to Clearing the List of teachers in the communities we live, work, and play in.

In 2021, we had the opportunity to clear the wishlists of six classrooms in Knoxville, where our corporate office is located. This year, we had the opportunity to sponsor 10 classrooms in the Knoxville community to support our corporate office team members and their children.

“Thank you for your support! I am very grateful for your generous donation to help fund music supplies for KCS- Virtual Elementary School. Thank you for providing us with the supplies we need to make music this year!”

Mrs. Naomi Leichmen


This fall, we expanded the program to include the lists of six first-year teachers at partner schools across the country to show our continued support to our teachers and students. First-year teachers were nominated by their school principals for SSC to clear their supply list.

By the start of the academic year, SSC had purchased over $5,700 in school supplies and classroom resources for 16 classrooms. We understand that school supplies are vital to a successful classroom. Clear the List is one way our organization can impact our school communities and give our students the best chance for success. As the new year begins, we would like to thank all the educators who put in countless hours and resources to ensure our students have the opportunity to grow and learn every day.


“Thank you so much for clearing my amazon wish list for my classroom!

I am so thankful and I appreciate the help getting my classroom started for my first year of teaching. It will help so much and I’m so excited to start everything up. I know my students will appreciate it as well and it’ll make them feel comfortable and excited to learn. Thank you!”

          – Ivy Clements, 5th Grade Teacher

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