Autonomous Mobile Robots: Meet SSC’s Fleet

January 20, 2023

We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and provide innovative services to our partner schools. One of our most recent innovations is the launch of a fleet of autonomous floor scrubbers and mowers at many of our partner schools. These robots have caught the eye of many students, teachers, and school staff- and we have received many questions about their use, safety features, and how they work alongside our teams. Click each of the myths below to learn more about how robots enhance our services on campus.

Fact: Each robot is equipped with sensors, artificial intelligence, and additional technology to operate autonomously around students and staff safely.  

Fact: Each robot on campus makes our cleaning processes more efficient. Autonomous cleaners can be set up to run multiple routes without assistance. While the scrubbers are busy cleaning floors in our partner schools, our associates have more time and capacity to focus on tasks that require hands-on work.   

Fact: While our team members are experts at what they do and can create the cleanest and safest learning environments possible for our students, the robots rise to the same standards we hold our associates. Floor-cleaning robots can clean more thoroughly than ride-on scrubbers and manual mopping for a few reasons; Robots are consistent and move at the same rate of speed throughout their pre-programmed routes. They follow their exact routes and are less prone to errors, which reduces potential property damage.  

Each robot has unique features like self-adjusting splash skirts, easy clean Hygenic® solution, recovery tanks, polishing pads, brushes, and more. Backed by top-of-the-line technology and easy-to-use controls, our autonomous fleet provides floors that shine daily.  


This fall, we introduced a robot naming contest to engage students and provide learning opportunities on our campuses with autonomous equipment. Students can submit name ideas and vote for the winning name. We are excited to introduce our two newest campus robots:


Belmont Abbey College

Boko Bot

Texas State University


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