Supporting Students: Creating Internships For Student Drone Pilots

July 28, 2021

SSC Services for Education is excited to further our partnership with Jasper County School District by supporting their unique and unparalleled Drone Certification Pathway program.

About The Program

Students in Jasper County School District have a unique opportunity to participate in a drone certification program while in high school. This program, administrated by AINautics, provides students with the education and experience that they need to be globally ready and competitive in the job industry by the time they graduate.

The Drone Certification Pathway is part of the Aerospace Engineering Program at the District’s Career and Advanced Technology Education center, a two-and-a-half-year certification program available to students in the Jasper County School District. Students who enroll in the program spend five semesters of their high school experience learning all aspects of drone operations. The program covers everything from how high to fly, real-world applications, FAA regulations, the physics of lift and air movement, to the trigonometry involved in calculating flight paths.

By the time these students finish their high school careers, they are also certified drone pilots. This program allows them to be competitive in the job market with other adults who are decades older and makes their dream careers extremely accessible.

Our Partnership

SSC Services for Education believes in the program and has committed to help provide these students with real-world professional field experience. SSC will hire Pathway drone pilots to perform in-district roof inspections, quality control, and to provide aerial photography for the company as a paid internship. The students will work with SSC’s on-site staff to learn real-world usage of their drone-piloting certification.

Capturing The Progress at Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School

Students have already been busy within the school district, capturing all the action over at Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School. At the same time, our STAT team is coordinating a comprehensive renovation of the athletic stadium. As a part of our partnership, CATE students who intern with SSC will be capturing aerial photos and videos of the progress, from demolition to completion. Be sure to read more about the athletic stadium renovation and check out our Resource Center for more updates throughout the summer and fall.

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