3 Keys To Creating An Amazing Custodial Program

November 22, 2021

At SSC Services for Education, we create custom environments for each of our partner schools based on the unique needs of each. Jennifer Friz, Regional Director for K-12 Schools in the South Carolina & Tennessee region, is no stranger to providing customized custodial cleaning solutions. When it comes to custodial management, her goal is to merge the expectations of SSC and the expectations of the partner school to deliver unmatched value.

To create an amazing custodial program for our partner schools, Jennifer Friz focuses on three key factors:

  1. Building relationships with clients and understanding their expectations
  2. At SSC, we prioritize client care and communication to ensure that we meet the needs of our partners and consistently exceed expectations. We understand that each school has specific needs and interests and that an open line of communication is necessary to be most effective. To manage the needs of her partners, Jennifer takes a customized approach by focusing on understanding what the client needs from the beginning.

    “Whether it be in-person meetings, emails, or phone calls, I customize my approach to each client. Some clients only need to meet once every six weeks, while others want to meet much more often because they want to know exactly what is going on. I make sure clients know what our approach to communication will look like from the very beginning.”

  3. Ensuring our teams know what tools and resources are available to them
  4. We provide our teams with all of the equipment and supplies needed to create distraction-free learning environments, but to be successful, they also must understand the expectations and processes that are important to both SSC and our partner schools. Our custodians undergo a thorough onboarding process, during which we share our company values and the expectations of the specific school, college, or university. We ensure our teams have information on programs and training options available to them and keep an open line of communication to alleviate confusion on any level.

    SSC is proud to hire and retain the best people and provide a smooth transition for the existing custodians on your team who you already know and love. Jennifer Friz said it best: “We want our custodians to feel like part of the organization, not just someone showing up to do the cleaning.” To do that, we make sure they have the resources they need to be successful.

  5. Utilizing the SSC Warehouse to manage supplies
  6. At SSC, we offer a unique resource that allows us to serve our partner schools best: The SSC Warehouse—located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our warehouse orders, stores, and ships the necessary supplies and materials to our partner schools. Our custodial cleaning teams at each school can customize their order based on what supplies are most needed, and they receive the supplies without the added complications of dealing with the overwhelmed supply chain that currently exists. Products are always readily available for shipping regularly, which means supply closets are never overfilled and overwhelmed with excess supplies at our schools.

    The keys to a fantastic custodial program are having the right tools, transparent communication, and great partnership. With SSC Services for Education, our partner schools receive that and more.

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