Operation Clear The List: Supporting Students in Knoxville

September 16, 2021

Supporting students, faculty, and staff at schools around the country is at the heart of what we do at SSC Services for Education. As our teams work to reopen these educational facilities this fall, we wanted to take an opportunity to give back to our associates’ students and educators in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We know that the school supplies a teacher needs are vital to a successful classroom and are often not purchased in time for student arrival. To give students the best chance at success in the coming year, we have sponsored several classrooms in the Knoxville area through our Clear the List initiative.

  • Karns Elementary: Shaylee’s 1st Grade Classroom
  • Pleasant Ridge Elementary: Brodey’s 4th Grade Classroom
  • Knoxville Episcopal School: Quinn & Casper’s 2nd Grade, 4th Grade & Reading Classrooms
  • Sterchi Elementary: August’s 5th Grade Classroom
  • Bearden High School: Mollie’s Peer Tutor Classroom

Brodie’s teacher was thrilled to have her Amazon wish list cleared. She reached out to us to share her appreciation:

“Holy Cow! I did not realize that you were going to buy EVERYTHING off of my list! I am in tears! Thank you so so much! I do not even know how to thank you properly! My students and I are so thankful!”

Quinn & Casper’s family and teachers were equally excited to see their students receive everything they need for success this year. At the Knoxville Episcopal School, we had the opportunity to clear the list of 2 classrooms and a reading room. The students’ mother shared her gratitude:

“Thank you so much for clearing the list for our teachers. The teachers rarely get everything on their lists and getting it at the start of the year was a huge bonus for the teachers, parents, and students. I want to thank you especially for including Quinn’s reading teacher. She possibly never would have gotten these special books that will be a part of teaching Quinn how to read – the most fundamental part of a child’s education. Children with dyslexia and other learning differences have it hard enough and we have been thankful to have found a school with a great reading specialist and having these books will help even more. Thank you for caring about our families and their education.”

We are grateful to these educators for all of their hard work, and we are excited to see what the upcoming school year brings.