SoKno-Robo Visits SSC Corporate Office

November 01, 2023

The students in our schools and communities have unique hobbies, and we enjoy finding ways to partner with them as they pursue their passions. This year, we began sponsoring the South Doyle High School Robotics Team, So-Kno Robo, to give back to the Knoxville community where our corporate office is located.  

The So-Kno Robo team designs, builds, and programs a new robot each year. Their design is informed by a 150-page manual given at the beginning of each year, and each robot is built to complete a specific task in competitions against other robotics teams.   

So-Kno Robo visited our office this month with their 2023 and 2024 robots. Our team enjoyed watching the students operate their robots and show off the hard work they have put in for the competition season ahead. Tennant, our partner for autonomous cleaners, was also on-site to network with the students and share real-world applications for the kind of technology the students are working with.  

Last year’s challenge was building a robot to place cubes in three different compartments. So-Kno Robo went all the way to the World Championships in Houston, TX. There, they won the Creativity Award because their robot was one of the only robots built to complete last year’s task by launching cubes rather than utilizing an arm.

Students in the robotics club get experience in engineering, communication, and teamwork. A dedicated business team oversees social media and a complete business plan for the robot. 

Check out news coverage of their visit below, as seen WATE 6. Join us in wishing SoKno-Robo good luck as they take on their 2024 competition season.

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