Facility Services for Education
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The appearance and cleanliness of your facilities is paramount is to the overall image of your institution and the safety of your faculty and students. First impressions last and it's vital that all aspects of your facilities are looking their very best to prospective and current students, faculty, and staff. We're able to call on 40+ years experience to produce higher-quality results, create efficient staffing models, and achieve significant cost savings that can be reinvested into your core functions and create an ideal learning environment.


We also understand that campus life is vibrant and demanding, with many special requirements. Our program addresses all of those planned (and unplanned) events that often can compose up to 40% of the responsibilities of your custodial staff. SSC takes the time to understand your specific needs to design a program that meets all of your needs and makes your institution look its very best.

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Program Components

On-Site Personnel

Professional management dedicated solely to your facilities

Environmental Approach to Cleaning

Green Cleaning Program using certified chemicals, products, tools, and equipment

Seamless Employee Transition

We balance existing employees intimate knowledge of your facilities with our best-in-class processes and systems


Event Setup

Setup and cleanup for all of your athletic and special events

Total Floor Care Program

Hard Floor Care, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Maintenance, Floor Restoration

Rigorous Background Checks

We ensure the safety of your students and understand the integrity of your district is a key part of your community

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